Contextual Safeguarding Toolkit

Contextual Safeguarding

Implementation Toolkit

Welcome to the Contextual Safeguarding Implementation Toolkit.

This toolkit tracks and publishes the developments in Hackney’s Contextual Safeguarding system since 2017. The toolkit shares emerging learning, resources and tips with areas that are developing their own Contextual Safeguarding systems.

Over time, this Contextual Safeguarding Implementation Toolkit will provide professionals with a roadmap for embedding Contextual Safeguarding in:

  • Referrals and screening
  • Assessment processes
  • Planning and review
  • Support, help and intervention
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Policy, strategic engagement, training and commissioning

As we work with areas around the country different versions of the toolkit will be developed and created which document how a range of localities (with different demographics, geographies, partnership and operating models) have adopted a Contextual Safeguarding approach. As work is refined and ideas crystallise we will reflect those developments in site toolkits so colleagues around the UK can track the processes (in thought and practice) through which Contextual Safeguarding developed.

On this homepage you will find an animation video providing an overview of Contextual Safeguarding and an infographic detailing the purpose and parameters of Contextual Safeguarding Implementation Toolkits. The infographic can be downloaded as a PDF via the link at the bottom of this page.

Under the five headings below, you will find the following overarching documents that will apply nationally and across different test sites:

  • Principles: An overview of the principles of a Contextual Safeguarding approach
  • Tiers: An explanation of the ‘Two-Tiers’ of Contextual Safeguarding
  • Legal framework: A briefing documenting the legal framework within which Contextual Safeguarding systems operate
  • Key partners: An outline of the key partners involved in a Contextual Safeguarding system
  • Audit: A link through to an interactive toolkit for auditing your current system prior to implementing a Contextual Safeguarding approach

We suggest that you start by going through each of these sections, and then work your way down the left-hand side menu that will take you through the different steps of embedding Contextual Safeguarding within a Children’s Social Care system.