Contextual Safeguarding Toolkit

Local Strategic Framework Contextual Safeguarding

Systems and Structures

Much of this Implementation Toolkit is focused on the practical aspects of creating a Contextual Safeguarding system. In a local area such practical changes are best supported by ensuring that their intention and approach are reflected in a range of strategic documents. In Hackney a range of strategic documents have been amended or created and over time these will provide a route to embedding and sustaining the changes that have been made.

This part of the Contextual Safeguarding Implementation Toolkit provide examples the changes made to strategic documents in Hackney. As further documents are introduced or amended in the future they, and any learning from that process, will be added.

Overarching Policies and Operating Protocols

This section includes exemplar documents and a podcast to show Hackney embedded contextual approaches in its overarching policies and operating protocols.

Thresholds and Allocation of Referrals

Hackney’s revised Well-Being Framework and its new Context Well-Being Framework can be found in this section, with a podcast explaining how they were developed.

Introducing Contextual Approaches to Assessments

The podcast and documents in this section show how Hackney revised and introduced contextual approaches to a number of assessments.

Partnership Engagement

Hackney developed policies for partnership engagement. This section shares exemplar policy documents and a podcast detailing this process.