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Extra-Familial Risks or Vulnerable/Safeguarding Adolescents’ Panels

Systems and Structures

Things to consider

Establishing a holistic/integrated meeting to hold oversight of extra-familial concerns in the area

When developing a Contextual Safeguarding approach it is important to consider whether you have, or need to create, a structure to provide multi-agency oversight of the young people, families and contexts associated to extra-familial risk and open to (or referred into) children’s services.

Such a structure can draw together often siloed review panels for issues such as sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation, peer-on-peer abuse, serious youth violence teenage relationship abuse and a wider set of behaviour that can be peer-influenced, or associated to extra-familial risks, such as suicide, self-harm, substance abuse and anti-social behaviour. Areas may also want to consider whether the extra-familial dynamics of radicalisation are also considered in these meetings.

In drawing together a range of existing meetings, an overarching extra-familial risk or vulnerable adolescents’ panel requires specific, and action-focused objectives. It needs to go beyond discussing concerns to playing a role in developing and overseeing interventions to address extra-familial risks or increase extra-familial welfare and protection so as to prevent significant harm to young people.

The operating function for these meeting structures can vary dependent on local priorities, partnerships and wider practice approaches. Despite local variations there are some questions to consider when establishing and reviewing the operation of a local oversight panel/meeting: some of these pertain to Tier 1 and others to Tier 2 of the Contextual Safeguarding framework.

Overarching considerations for establishing an extra-familial risk panel are outlined in the document below: 'Extra-Familial Risk Panels: Things to Consider'.

    Extra-Familial Risks or Vulnerable/Safeguarding Adolescents’ Panels

    Extra-Familial Risk Panels: Things to consider

    This document outlines key considerations for establishing holistic/integrated meetings such as an extra-familial risk panel.

    Extra-Familial Risks or Vulnerable/Safeguarding Adolescents’ Panels

    Hackney's Extra-Familial Risk Panel

    In this podcast Cathal Ryan, Service Manager in Hackney, explains what the Extra-Familial Risk Panel (EFRP) is, why it was developed and how is has been used in Hackney.

    Extra-Familial Risks or Vulnerable/Safeguarding Adolescents’ Panels

    Extra-Familial Risk Panel Flowchart

    This is the flowchart for Hackney's Extra-Familial Risk Panel, which forms part of the Hackney's Extra-Familial Risk Panel Protocol.

    Extra-Familial Risks or Vulnerable/Safeguarding Adolescents’ Panels

    Hackney Extra-Familial Risk Panel Protocol

    This exemplar document details Hackney's Extra-Familial Risk Panel Protocol for multi-agency partners.