Contextual Safeguarding Toolkit

Systems and Structures

For Contextual Safeguarding to be evident in a local area, extra-familial relationships and contexts need to be evident in systems and structures the local area operates within. This means adopting Contextual Safeguarding across the systems and structures and that this approach is adopted as part of a wider cultural shift across staff. The document below outlines key considerations for embedding Contextual Safeguarding across a local area: 'Embedding CS across systems and structures'.

    Extra-Familial Risks or Vulnerable/Safeguarding Adolescents’ Panels

    This section includes guidance, exemplars and a podcast on establishing holistic/integrated meeting to hold oversight of extra-familial concerns in the area.

    Local Strategic Framework Contextual Safeguarding

    This section provides an overview of how Hackney has revised and developed its strategic documents to embed contextual approaches across systems and partnerships.

    Case Management Systems

    This podcast and webinar explain how Hackney has contextualised its case management system to enable the recording of extra-familial concerns.

    Youth Participatory Engagement

    This page shares youth engagement methods and resources for working with young people to inform contextual approaches.


    See this section for considerations when developing training on Contextual Safeguarding an overview of the Contextual Safeguarding training offer and resources.

    Systems and Structures

    ‘Languaging Child and Adolescent Vulnerability’

    A guide to support staff, practitioners, professionals and partner agencies working with children, families and the community to language child vulnerability with specific reference to CSE and CCE.

    Systems and Structures

    Contextual Safeguarding and Policy Development: Key messages for multi-agency partners

    This briefing provides an introduction to policy development for a broad and general multi-agency audience.