Contextual Safeguarding Toolkit

School Assessment Toolkit


This Contextual Assessment guidance toolkit has been developed by The University of Bedfordshire with Hackney Children and Families Services to support practitioners to consider how to assess and develop responses to risk in schools. The toolkit is designed to support practitioners to carry out a contextual assessment within a secondary school context.

Schools have been identified as sites in which young people can experience and/or be safeguarded from abuse and violence. From experiences of sexual harassment and sexual violence through to physical assaults, relationship-based abuse, bullying and grooming into exploitative networks, young people have told practitioners, researchers and journalists about risks they have faced in educational settings.

As such it is critical that when young people experience abuse and violence and this is in some way associated to their school environment or school relationships – that the school itself features within the process of assessment and intervention. If we want to address the factors that cause abuse, or provide an opportunity for abuse to occur, then these factors needs to be identified explored and addressed – and school assessments is one way to achieve this.

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School Assessment Toolkit

School Assessment Framework

Start by reading this school assessment guidance. This includes the background to carrying out a school assessment and the school assessment framework.

School Assessment Toolkit

School Assessment Template

This table can be used as a template when completing a school assessment.

School Assessment Toolkit

Student Survey

This student wellbeing survey can be used by schools to help understand student experiences of safety and harm. The guidance includes a survey template that can be adapted for different schools and concerns.

School Assessment Toolkit

Parent/Carer Survey

This survey can be used to gain parent and carer views on safeguarding issues affecting students in and outside of school. This document includes guidance and a survey that can be adapted for different groups.

School Assessment Toolkit

Staff Engagement Guidance

This guidance outlines how to engage staff views and opinions while carrying out a school assessment.

School Assessment Toolkit

Behaviour log reviews

Behaviour and safeguarding logs can provide important information on trends and issues arising within school. This guidance provides tools to review logs.

School Assessment Toolkit

Student Engagement Guidance

This guidance outlines how to engage students views and opinions on what affects their safety through a more in-depth session.