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Safety Mapping Tool


Safety mapping helps practitioners to understand young people’s experiences of places they feel are safe and unsafe and supports practitioners to create a safety plan with young people.

The exercise was developed by Simone Nyarko (Training and Engagement Lead) in the Contextual Safeguarding Team in Hackney; the exercise would thus need adapting, with relevant maps for each local area.

To hear more, listen to our podcast interview with Simone and download the safety mapping exercise guidance and tools.

What our Network members say...

"The safety mapping tool enabled me to explore a young person's view on the safe and unsafe places or locations in her local area. I found this resource gave me information and intelligence on areas or locations that we were not already aware of that could pose a risk to young people, but also enabled the young person to visualise what makes the areas safe or unsafe by using an actual map of the town they live in.

This tool has been a starting point for me to safety plan with the young person using what she has identified as safe and unsafe, and not just what I or other professionals may see as safe or unsafe in the local area or within her sphere of influence. Further areas or locations can also be added to the resource in future sessions and the same steps taken to identify what was safe or unsafe which enables me to keep a live and developing resource through my support.

I would recommend using this resource to address safe or unsafe places in the local area with a young person as it creates a foundation to safety plan and understand their perception of safe places or areas." - Josh Woodcock, CSE Lead, Lincolnshire

Safety Mapping Tool

Safety Mapping Exercise

This document contains guidance, exercises and a safety planning sheet to help you carry out safety mapping.

Safety Mapping Tool

Conducting safety mapping

In this podcast Simone Nyarko (Contextual Safeguarding team in Hackney) introduces us to the safety mapping exercise. The podcast is supported by the Safety Mapping Exercise guidance document.