Developing contextual responses to the abuse and exploitation of young people


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Last updated: 08 Jan 2020

What is contextual safeguarding?

What is Contextual Safeguarding?

This short video provides an overview of contextual safeguarding and what it means in practice for different social contexts.

The Principles of Contextual Safeguarding

This short video provides a brief introduction to the principles of Contextual Safeguarding. 

Safeguarding teenagers from sexual exploitation and violence outside the home

Carlene Firmin (International Centre) speaks on safeguarding teenagers from sexual exploitation and violence outside the home, and the importance of taking a contextual approach, in this video. 

Social theory and Contextual Safeguarding

This video provides an accessible overview of Pierre Bourdieu's social theory which underpins Contextual Safeguarding. 

Peer-on-peer child sexual exploitation

In this video George Curtis (International Centre) outlines research findings on peer on peer child sexual exploitation. 

Impact on social care

What does Contextual Safeguarding mean to me?

In this video Danielle Fritz (International Centre) reflects on what contextual safeguarding means to practitioners. 

Strategic Impact of Contextual Safeguarding

Impact of Contextual Safeguarding on Children's Social Care

Profiling and peer groups

Videos and Podcasts

Recording referrals based on peer groups and locations

In this webinar Pete Allen, Contextual Safeguarding Researcher in Hackney's First Access and Screening Team (MASH equivalent), explains how he created a tracker to record referrals about peer groups and locations.

Peer-Group Mapping

Jenny Lloyd (International Centre) talks about peer group mapping and the importance of considering peer groups when assessing risk for extra-familial abuse.

Profiling peer on peer abuse

In this video David Hancock (MASE Analyst, London Borough of Camden) and Carlene Firmin discuss the profiling peer on peer abuse. For more information, see our briefing on profiling. 

Impact of Contextual Safeguarding on policing

Case review tutorial for cases of extra-familial harm

This tutorial explains how to use case review to understand threshold decisions for cases of extra-familial harm.

Case review tutorial for cases of extra-familial harm from Contextual Safeguarding on Vimeo.

Education and youth service provision

Sexting in schools: responses to abuse through image sharing

Research findings from the Contextual Safeguarding project on schools responses to sexual image sharing with suggestions to schools

Involving schools in the response to peer on peer abuse

In this Video Lia Latchford outlines the importance of involving schools in the response to peer on peer abuse and what this might look like in practice. 

Detached youth work

Belen Bueso-Alberdi (Targeted Youth Worker, London Borough of Barnet) and Danielle Fritz discuss intervening in young people's social spaces through detached youth work in this video. For more information, please see our briefing on detached youth work provision.

Detached youthwork: creating safety for young people in public spaces

In this webinar, Danielle Fritz discusses why detached youth work is a contextual approach to safeguarding young people, using quotes from field work research.  This webinar complements the briefing on detached youth work.


Videos and Podcasts

Applying thresholds to extra-familial harm

Sarah Wright (Director of Children and Families) and Lisa Aldridge (Head of Safeguarding and Learning) talk about how Hackney revised its child and family thresholds document to consider extra-familial harm and developed a new threshold document relating specifically to contexts.

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Contextual Safeguarding in A&E

Niamh Ni-Longain, Consultant in Adult and Paediatric Emergency Medicine at Homerton Hospital in Hackney shares her thoughts on the implications of Contextual Safeguarding when working with young people in A&E.

Videos and Podcasts

Integrating youth work with Contextual Safeguarding in health settings

Redthread works with young people who have experienced harm by integrating trauma-informed youth work into the health sector. Lucy Knell-Taylor (London Programme Manager) discusses why and how Redthread uses contextual approaches, such as safety and peer group mapping, to support young people.

Videos and Podcasts

Setting up a youth panel

In this podcast Ciara Burke (Contextual Safeguarding practitioner) shares her experience of setting up a youth panel to inform the Contextual Safeguarding project in Hackney and reflects on learning from this process.

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What contextual safeguarding means to Hackney's youth panel

Hackney's youth panel, 'Hackney Elite', reflect on what contextual safeguarding means to them and talk about their work with the Contextual Safeguarding team in Hackney.

South Kent Adolescent Pilot

Videos and Podcasts

Hackney's Extra-Familial Risk Panel

In this podcast Cathal Ryan, Service Manager in Hackney, explains what the Extra-Familial Risk Panel (EFRP) is, why it was developed and how is has been used in Hackney.

Videos and Podcasts

Reviewing policies for partnership engagement in contextual approaches

Rachael Owens, Practice Development Manager in the Contextual Safeguarding team in Hackney, explains how Hackney reviewed and created policies for partnership engagement to address extra-familial risk.

Videos and Podcasts

Introducing contextual approaches to assessments

In this podcast Rachael Owens, Practice Development Manager in the Contextual Safeguarding team in Hackney, explains how Hackney has introduced contextual approaches to its assessments.

Videos and Podcasts

Recording peer groups in a MASH

Pete Allen, Contextual Safeguarding Researcher explains how Hackney's First Access and Screening Team (MASH equivalent) is recording peer groups.

Videos and Podcasts

Contextualising case management systems

Ross Tuckley is part of a working group in Hackney's Children and Families Services which is looking at developing Mosaic (the social work case management system) to record peer group and location referrals. In this podcast, Ross tells us about the work he has been leading on Mosaic in Hackney.

Hackney Wick and Islington through young people's eyes

Luke Billingham (Hackney Quest) and Tania Townsend (Islington Council) have both been involved in projects in Hackney Wick and Islington to capture the thoughts of children and young people, their concerns and their experience of living in their community, what is (or isn't) changing, and what improvements they would like to see. 

Videos and Podcasts

What is participatory engagement?

In this podcast Dr Camille Warrington (International Centre) introduces the idea of participatory engagement with young people and explores the different ways engagement can occur. This podcast was originally published on the Our Voices website as part of the International Centre's Our Voices programme of work.

Videos and Podcasts

Conducting safety mapping

In this podcast Simone Nyarko (Contextual Safeguarding team in Hackney) introduces us to the safety mapping exercise. The podcast is supported by the Safety Mapping Exercise guidance document.

Carrying out Contextual Safeguarding case consultations

In this podcast Shaba Dachi provides an overview for practitioners on when, why and how to carry out a Contextual Safeguarding Case Consultation. Shaba also shares key learning from the process to support practitioners to implement. This podcast supports the case consultation guidance document.

Videos and Podcasts

Contextual Safeguarding in the Voluntary Sector: Using participatory methods

In this podcast Abi Billinghurst (Abianda) discusses participatory methods, and it's importance for Contextual Safeguarding in the voluntary sector.

Developing practice: Working with marginalised groups

In this podcast, Jahnine Davis (Center of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse) discusses developing practice for working with marginalised groups and what this means for implementing trauma informed responses. If you have any questions Jahnine can be contacted via

Developmental considerations for safeguarding adolescents

In this podcast, Dez Holmes (Research in Practice) discusses the need for a new model for safeguarding adolescents, focusing on the importance of understanding adolescent development and using participatory methods.

Carrying out focus groups with young people: key considerations for practitioners

In this podcast, Liz Ackerley (International Centre) outlines the importance of participatory methods and key considerations for practitioners when carrying out focus groups with young people. 

Gangs, exploitation and violence - research in practice

In this podcast, Carlene Firmin discusses gangs, exploitation and violence with Pivotal Education. 

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