Updating School Policies


Updating policies and procedures can support staff, young people and parents to understand the local response to different forms of harm


It is important that schools and multi-agency partnerships frequently update their policies and procedures to ensure there is a consistent and contextual response to harm. Updating policies should consider the following:

  • That there is read-across between policies such as the behaviour, ICT and exclusion to safeguarding policies.
  • School policies are in-line with and complementary to multi-agency policies.
  • Policies include the procedure for responding to different forms of harm, for example harmful sexual behaviour and online abuse, and not just definitions.
  • Clear guidance on recording and referring harm internally and to social care/the police
  • The school’s role in responding to local concerns including online.
  • Promote a child welfare, rather than only punitive, response to harm – protecting victims and those that instigate harm.
  • Consider the physical landscape of the school.

Who is it for?

Education and safeguarding professionals

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For a template policy and guidance access Farrer & Co’s peer-on-peer abuse toolkit.

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