Unconscious Bias Training


Training about unconscious bias with a view to reducing the negative impact of bias on organisational practice and individual behaviour


Unconscious (or implicit) biases are the views and opinions that we are unaware of and that affect our everyday behaviour and decision-making. Our unconscious biases can be influenced by our background, culture, context and personal experiences. Interventions or references used in schools may sometimes be grounded in unconscious bias. This can take various forms: a race disparity audit report conducted by the government in 2017, for instance, revealed that unconscious bias plays a role in high rates of exclusion among Black and Mixed Races students. Unconscious bias may also contribute to normalise harmful sexual behaviour in schools. Things that students do that are sometimes thought of as ‘less serious’ or as ‘boys being boys’ such as sexist name-calling or inappropriate touching of clothes (like the lifting of skirts or pulling of bra-straps) can contribute to a school culture where harassment or sexual assault can flourish.

Who is it for?

School staff and practitioners

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