School mapping (Shifting Boundaries)


Shifting Boundaries aims to reduce sexual violence and harassment between young people using a curriculum programme and school-based intervention


Shifting Boundaries was developed in the United States to reduce dating violence and sexual harassment. The programme has two parts: a school curriculum element and school-based intervention. The school based curriculum covers six sessions including: gender roles, boundaries within relationships, healthy relationships, bystander interventions, consequences of harm and the law. The programme uses a range of activities including a hotspot mapping exercise where students use maps of the school to mark areas they feel safe and unsafe. The second component includes school-level interventions such as revising school protocols, temporary exclusion zones, poster campaigns and responding to areas students identified as unsafe such as increasing supervision. The curriculum and activists are all available for free online.

Who is it for?

School staff or practitioners working in schools

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Shifting Boundaries: Lessons on Relationships for Students in Middle School by Nan D. Stein, Kelly Mennemeier, Natalie Russ, and Bruce Taylor.

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