Relationship and Sex Education


Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) can be used to flag and discuss local issues or concerns in the school and in the neighbourhood


Schools should ensure that their RSE curriculum is informed by issues and concerns relevant to their school and its neigbourhood. RSE sessions, for instance, could provide an opportunity to discuss unhealthy attitudes or norms that may take place within the school environment such as bullying or the use of inappropriate or sexist language. RSE curriculums should also be linked to Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) sessions and to other lessons where relevant (such as discussing online safety in ICT classes) and should be meaningfully embedded within the school ethos and policy as part of a whole-school approach. RSE education and the policies that underpin should be updated regularly in light of ongoing events and needs.

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Teachers, services within schools

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For examples, see Tender and AVA’s whole-school approach models to promoting healthy relationships and preventing gender based violence.

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