Pop-up Youth Clubs


Pop-up youth clubs can be set up as a short-term, targeted intervention with young people (including peer groups) in response to safeguarding concerns identified in a specific location


Pop-up youth clubs are flexible interventions adaptable to a range of contexts and designed to address a specific issue. One local authority, for example, set one up in a public library in response to concerns raised by library staff about a peer group that regularly met there to use the library’s facilities. The library staff expressed concern about the peer groups’ anti-social behaviour, and it was flagged that some young people in the group were particularly vulnerable to CSE. A pop-up youth club was installed in the library as a joint intervention between detached youth work, CSE and participation teams to provide a series of workshops on topics related to healthy relationships selected by young people. Library staff were also trained in adolescent development and took part in group sessions with young people. Pop-up youth clubs are temporary and can be used to signpost young people to services if further support it needed. They often require the necessary preparation of a standard youth club.

Who is it for?

Safeguarding professionals, people in charge of the area

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See an example in section 2c on the briefing ‘Responding to Safeguarding Concerns in Local Businesses and Neighbourhoods’ on the Contextual Safeguarding Network.

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