Multi-Family Group Therapy


Multi-Family Group Therapy is a clinical intervention that brings together families who are facing similar difficulties or who share experiences


Families are invited to come together as a group to think about their common experiences, most often based upon a strengths focused model and drawing on narrative approaches in a therapeutic context. Usually work is completed both with the whole family and with the parents and children separately but concurrently. It has been successfully implemented in a context within which young people are facing extra-familial risk, which is, in part, associated with a level of family dysfunction. This intervention has a developing evidence base for supporting families, can support engagement of families, is most often used alongside other supportive interventions and should be delivered by therapeutically trained staff. Multi-Family Group Therapy will involve consideration of possible practical constraints and barriers such as access, time of day and out of group engagement of families.

Who is it for?

Professionals working with families

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