Family COACH Programme


Family COACH aims to address evidence-based systemic risk factors to prevent vulnerability to extra-familial risk and build protective factors


The family COACH programme incorporates a number of interventions designed to improve the child-parent(s)/carer(s) relationship, child’s behaviour at home, child’s behaviour and academic performance at school, family functioning, family’s relationship with the school, social support for family, family’s socio-economic conditions and resources in the community, access to these resources and families participation in the community. Children are offered an evidence-informed group intervention designed to enhance self-regulation, social problem-solving skills and social interaction. They are also supported through the group sessions to develop understanding and skills around topics including discrimination, belonging, identity and mindfulness. They are concurrently supported to access resources in the community and develop interests. Parents/carers are offered an evidence-informed group intervention designed to enhance their parenting capacity and to introduce them to local community resources and services.

Who is it for?

Professionals working with families

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