Community Mapping


Community mapping is an extension of the Safety Mapping tool, which involves taking maps to groups of young people/whole community events to think about safety and offer guidance on services/signposting


Community mapping involves taking maps of a local area to groups of young people or to community events to ask people about their experiences of the local area. Maps can be printed on large paper and using pins or colouring pens, young people and members of the community can label the map with places they feel safe or unsafe. This can then be used to start conversations about what changes might need to be made. Before doing the exercise it is important to find out what services or agencies work in the area so that that during the exercise young people can be signposted to relevant services or opportunities – for example, a local youth club or sports provision. In order for community mapping to be effective it is important that the information is then developed into an action plan to prioritises the local communities experiences and needs.

Who is it for?

All safeguarding professionals

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The Safety Mapping tool is available on the Contextual Safeguarding Network.

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