Community Guardians


Identifying and training people within the community to become guardians can ensure that adults in the community can provide a safeguarding role, create safer environments and refer concerns


Community guardians are adults who spend time in neighbourhood places that could provide a safeguarding role. For example, park wardens, local takeaway owners or hairdressers. This may involve identifying adults that already provide a guardian role or adults that are located in areas young people spend time and providing them with training or resources to support them to provide a safeguarding role. This might include training on identifying harm, how to create safer areas, general safeguarding and how to make referrals or contact numbers for safeguarding services including children’s social care or local youth provision. Training community guardians may be an informal arrangement for example supporting the relationship between a school and takeaway so that the business owner knows who to contact if they have concerns or training to taxi drivers on the signs of child sexual exploitation.

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