Changing School Environments


Making small changes to physical environments such as supervision, access and use of space can prevent the occurrence of harm happening and create safe spaces within schools


Changing the physical environment can reduce opportunities for harm to happen, change the use of space to make places safer and ensure students feel safer. Before making changes it is important to consider which places would benefit from changes. This may be prompted by an incident or could be the result of mapping work carried out with students. Changes to the physical layout of schools could consider:

  • Increasing staff supervision
  • Changing the use of space
  • Increasing lighting
  • Removing curtains/ increasing natural light
  • Implementing temporary exclusion zones
  • Poster campaigns to raise awareness
  • Locking areas

It is advisable to seek advice and feedback from students before implementing changes.

Who is it for?

Education and safeguarding professionals

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Shifting Boundaries: Lessons on Relationships for Students in Middle School by Nan D. Stein, Kelly Mennemeier, Natalie Russ, and Bruce Taylor.

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