Bystander Interventions


Peer education models to prevent violence and address bullying in schools


Bystander Interventions such as the Mentors for Violence Prevention (MVP) programme are approaches to gendered violence and bullying prevention that was first developed in the USA to tackle bullying and all forms of abusive and violent behaviours in schools. Schools and community staff are trained to support senior students to become mentors. The mentors deliver sessions to other students in the school and encourage them to look out for each other and positively influence the attitudes and behaviours of their peers. Participants discuss issues with young people such as unhealthy group norms or gender-violence and practice how they would safely respond to incidents of harassment, abuse or violence before, during or after the incident occurs.

Who is it for?

School staff and young people

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Cultivating Minds UK offers training in MVP approaches. The MVP was piloted across schools in Scotland.

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