Business Engagement


Awareness raising and training of businesses to help them identify and respond to safeguarding concerns in their premises


It is important to raise the awareness of businesses, particularly those where young people are likely to spend time (such as retail businesses, food outlets, leisure industry, transport, pubs and the night time economy) on how to spot and report safeguarding concerns. Businesses can be provided with information on key contact points and resources that are available in their neighbourhood, such as children’s social care, youth services, including youth hubs or outreach provision. Local business associations or community schemes such as Pub Watch can also facilitate information-sharing and joined responses to safeguarding concerns.

Who is it for?

Businesses, Prevention and Early Intervention teams

Find out more

See examples of business engagement in the briefing ‘Responding to Safeguarding Concerns in Local Businesses and Neighbourhoods’ available on the Contextual Safeguarding network.

Access here.