Developing contextual responses to the abuse and exploitation of young people


New resources for parents and carers



Ask your MP and your school how they are keeping your child(ren) safe

In the UK, teenagers spend less time at home, and more time with their friends in places like parks, high streets, shopping centres or cinemas. Teenagers can come to harm when they are in public places - things like robbery on public transport, sexual violence in parks, or gang related violence on the streets. Sometimes young people make friends who abuse and exploit them, and they are also harmed by adults who are outside of their family settings. We also know there are worryingly high levels of sexual harassment and peer-on-peer abuse taking place in some schools.

Safety in public spaces and the friends that young people make in these settings, or what goes on in schools, are often beyond the control of parents or carers.

With this in mind, we have created a new resource page with templates that parents and carers can use to write to their local MP and/or their child(ren)'s school to start a conversation with them on these issues and ask them what things are in place to keep young people safe from harm.

Posted: 13 Jun 2018

Author: Delphine Peace

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