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Contextual Safeguarding in 2018: What's ahead?



Happy New Year from the Contextual Safeguarding Network!

As 2018 kicks off, the Contextual Safeguarding team are getting ready for an exciting year ahead.

There are a number of ways for members to get involved in the next few months…

Contextual safeguarding in schools

Join us for our next learning event in February, focusing on contextual safeguarding in schools and education. This will be a great opportunity for members of the network and education professionals to hear experts on the latest policy, research and practice, including examples of how to implement Contextual Safeguarding in educational settings, and free resources. For more information and to register for the event see here.

In the meantime, don’t forget the following resources have recently been published to support schools in their response to peer-on-peer abuse and harmful sexual behaviours:


Holistic approaches to safeguarding adolescents

In autumn last year we held a learning event on holistic approaches to safeguarding adolescents to launch our 3rd learning project. At the event key findings from the LSASG survey were shared, available in this webinar and in our new infographic.

 A range of delegates and members of the network engaged in the learning opportunity to inform a forthcoming briefing on safeguarding adolescents. Watch this space!


Hackney project

Last year we launched our Hackney project. The project is in the middle of it’s first pilot in a local school; the process, reflections and findings from the pilot will be shared at our learning event in February by Hackney’s Contextual Safeguarding Practice Lead Rachael Owens.

 The latest updates on the project, and details of how you can get involved, can be found on our website here.



At the end of 2017 we responded to the Working Together Consultation. Our response can be found here. Now we are getting ready to submit our response to the Keeping Children Safe in Education Consultation, which we will circulate to the network shortly. We encourage members of the network to submit their own responses before the Consultation closes on 22 February, and can support you to do so. Read our blog here to find out more, and to read our reflections on the inclusion of Contextual Safeguarding in the guidance.

 Finally, the Department of Education are consulting on changes to sex and relationship education, and PSHE. The consultation is open until 12th February, and can be found here.    

If you have any questions please contact

We look forward to working with you in 2018! 

Posted: 03 Jan 2018

Author: Delphine Peace

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