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New learning project launched: Holistic approaches to safeguarding adolescents



On 31 October we launched the Contextual Safeguarding Network’s Third Learning Project on holistic approaches to safeguarding adolescents.

The launch was marked by a one day learning event held for members of the network and the London Safeguarding Adolescents Board (LSAG). The event provided the opportunity to take part in the peer learning project as well as to hear from leading speakers and share learning through discussion.

This latest peer learning project aims to establish and understand the different approaches used by practitioners to safeguard adolescents. The project explores the specifics of processes in place, the contexts they account for, and challenges arising.

All members of Contextual Safeguarding Network are invited to take part in the project by responding to 8 questions via this link before 30 November 2017. Findings from the project will then be anonymously written up and shared with members of the network via a practitioners briefing.

For any questions about the learning project please email

Posted: 01 Nov 2017

Author: Delphine Peace

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