Developing contextual responses to the abuse and exploitation of young people


Contextual Safeguarding Network Launch



Welcome to the freshly minted website for the Contextual Safeguarding Network.  The Research Team has launched this site to support practitioners throughout the United Kingdom who are committed to developing and piloting contextual approaches to safeguarding young people from abuse and exploitation.  This website provides a virtual space through which practitioners can share experiences of contextual safeguarding and contribute to collaborative research and writing projects. 

We encourage you to Join the Network (free of charge) and contribute.  The more practitioners participate, the more members will learn from each other and enhance their own knowledge and practice. You may participate in Learning Projects, write Tips from Practitioners, use the Ask an Expert feature of the website, or write a blog post.   The Research Team will also run quarterly training sessions and create webinars of the sessions for those unable to attend in-person.  

We want the Network to be as responsive to practitioners' needs and interests as possible.  Contact us if you have suggestions for topics or want to discuss how you can contribute.  We look forward to working closely with practitioners over the next two years to improve contextual safeguarding practice.

Posted: 11 Sep 2016

Author: Delphine Peace

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