Timeline of audit

The timeline of the audit will depend on each individual site and the aims and resources available to carry it out. Below is an example timeline of how long each stage might take.

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contextual_timeline 1 month 2 months 1 month 3 months 2 months 2 months Finalise site reports and submit to participating LSCBs Co-design action plan for each site with agreed deliverables for local site monitoring at final steering group meeting for each site Dissemination Complete young people focus group analysis Complete writing draft area audit report Collect site feedback on draft reports Audit Report Analyse young people focus group dataBegin writing audit report Complete analysis of observa-tion notes and practitioner focus groups Run young people focus groups Run practitioner focus group x 1Prep for young people focus group x 1 Begin analysis of observation notes Practitioner and young people engagements and analysis Complete practitioner observationsHold second steering group and share emerging findingsAgree practitioner/young people focus group requirements Audit collection and second steering group Begin practitioner observations of meetingsComplete analysis of strategic documents Continue practitioner observations Audit Data Collection Preparation Agree steering groups datesReceive all strategic documents and begin analysis