Audit Governance

Before you start carrying out the audit it’s important that governance structures are in place. This means ensuring that the right people are involved throughout the audit, in the dissemination of findings and the development of the delivery plan. A good governance structure will mean that the audit is shaped and informed by people with an understanding of real issues in that area who can implement changes across a range of agencies and partners.

The overall governance of the audit will differ depending on the site and reasons for doing the audit. Some questions to ask before starting the audit are:

  • Who will have strategic oversight of the audit and ensure that changes are embedded within the appropriate structures? 
  • What reporting structures will be in place following the audit and who will have responsibility for delivery and evaluation?
  • What agencies will be involved and how will information be fed into the audit?
  • What process will be there be for raising concerns raised during the audit, including safeguarding issues, professional practice and contextual risk?