Dissemination of findings

Upon completing the data collection phase of the audit it’s important that the findings are disseminated to the right people so that you can begin to think about developing a delivery plan. How you disseminate the findings is up to the discretion of the area. In this section we provide example templates that can be used for disseminating findings: presentations and a written report.

Dissemination - template for slides

You will want to present some of the key findings to different stakeholders at different levels. What you report will depend on your findings but you can use our presentation template to help you structure these.

Dissemination Template For Slides


Dissemination - template for report

This resource provides a template for a Contextual Safeguarding audit report. The audit report will contain the bulk of your findings that can be used to disseminate widely and inform your presentations.

Dissemination Template For Report