Changing approaches / application

How you want to implement the changes you identify throughout the audit will vary depending on each site and the needs identified throughout the audit. In the 14 sites that MSU previously carried out contextual audits, we have seen creative and innovative applications of the findings of the audit, which both recognise and respond to the contextual nature of peer-on-peer abuse. For many sites, the application of findings will build upon the strengths that are recognised throughout the audit and support practitioners to feel confident in doing the things they know work well. They also provide an opportunity to strategically imbed and quality assure examples of innovation. The following videos and audio from practitioners explain some the changes they made following the contextual audit. You will also find an example action plan. 

Changing Approaches: Youth Justice

This podcast provides an example of how approaches in Youth Justice can be changed in order to contextualise practice.

Strategic Impact from Contextual Safeguarding on Vimeo.

Impact on Policing from Contextual Safeguarding on Vimeo.

Children's Social Care Impact from Contextual Safeguarding on Vimeo.

You should now have everything you need to complete the audit. However, if you have questions or would like to discuss the process please contact us. We would welcome any feedback and would love to hear from your own experiences of carrying out the audit and implementing a contextual safeguarding approach.