Developing contextual responses to the abuse and exploitation of young people


The Contextual Safeguarding Network

Last updated: 21 Oct 2020

The Contextual Safeguarding Network brings together practitioners, nationally and internationally, to share and generate knowledge on contextual approaches to safeguarding young people from violence and abuse. Network membership is currently in excess of 8000, across a wide range of sectors, e.g. children and family social care, social work, education, health, voluntary and community services. The Contextual Safeguarding network is a virtual hub that promotes theory-informed practice and seeks to develop practice-informed research co-created between practitioners and researchers. It is a place of discussion between researchers who are documenting tests of Contextual Safeguarding in local areas and practitioners around the UK and beyond who are putting that learning to practice.

Within our practice network there are a number of practice champions who are taking a lead in promoting and testing a Contextual Service approach in their organisations and local areas. The network will be increasingly be a place where the work of our champions is documented and shared with a broader network of practitioners who are committed to adopting a Contextual Safeguarding approach. More information on our champions group can be found here.

This website principally provides a place for practitioners to share ideas via blogs, podcasts and case studies. It is also the place where the Contextual Safeguarding research team share key messages emerging from their research projects in the format of practice guides, policy and practice toolkits and research briefings.

The Contextual Safeguarding research team is currently working to support the network to be owned by practice champions and self-sustaining by the close of 2021 – with access to sector leaders, trainers and peer supporters who are leading continued development of the approach.

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