Developing contextual responses to the abuse and exploitation of young people


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Welcome to the Contextual Safeguarding Network from the University of Bedfordshire. This network brings together practitioners, researchers and policy makers who are committed to protecting young people from harm outside of the home. Join the network for free to access resources, tutorials, videos and briefings.
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This briefing shares findings of a scoping review into the nature and response to extra-familial harm in adolescence in Europe. It focuses particularly on adolescent asylum-seekers in Germany and their safety needs in extra-familial contexts, and considers shared challenges and opportunities for a contextual approach to safeguarding adolescents from risks beyond their families.

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Nicola Maxwell, Ben Wyatt and Sabrina Streeter from the East Sussex County Council tell us about how they used relationship-based approaches to develop an intervention with a peer group at risk of criminal exploitation.

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In this blog post, Evie Poingdestre explains how a group of young research advisors supported the Contextual Safeguarding team to design the methods used in our Securing Safety study that explored how often, and with what impact, adolescents are placed out of area when they are at risk in extra-familial contexts. More information about the Securing Safety research can be found here: Securing Safety: A study into the scale and experience of relocation in response to extra-familial abuse. – Contextual Safeguarding Network

Evie is a research advisor with the Young Researchers Advisory Panel (YRAP) at the Safer Young Lives research centre, University of Bedfordshire.

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